Sunday, June 6

My first attempt at Mosaic Maker.....

1. Missy stretches, 2. Missy sits, 3. Missy on the porch, 4. Missy watches, 5. Pretty Missy, 6. Missy Sleeps, 7. Missy Packs the Jewelry, 8. Missy Girl, 9. Missy Porch

I got this really nice email from Genie that I've met through blogging. I had commented on her Smilebox photo collage. She wrote me back and gave me a link to her daughter's photo mosaics on Flickr. There I found the coolest new tool for creating photo collages out of your pictures. I just love technology if you haven't guessed by now! I did a real quick grouping of pictures from my Flickr account of my Missy Girl. It needs a little work but I thought what a cool ideal. So, of course, I have to share it with everyone.
You can select how many pictures, how many columns, and other settings in your creations. I'm sure I will be designing more in the next few days. I'm thinking what a cool idea for sharing on Rednesday. Enjoy!

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  1. Enjoy...that is putting mildly. I am so glad you went to the site and saw my daughter’s work. Now I have to figure out how to do it, too. This collage touches my heart as my husband and I are cat lovers. Your blog is GREAT:-)...hugs, Genie


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