Wednesday, November 11

Vintage Mary Engelbreit Dolls for Sale

I have a couple of Mary Engelbreit Madame Alexander dolls that I'm selling.  First up is Princess of Quite a Lot.  The dolls date back to 1999 and have become collectible.

They have their original tags & boxes.

All photos will enlarge if you click on them.


  Here's Miss Smarty in all her "pinkness"

I will include the original doll registration cards with each doll.

Feel free to leave me a comment below if you are interested or send me an email.
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  1. NONONONONONO!!! I forbid it. You will be so sorry you did it later on. These are precious. Wish I had the money to take them off of your hands. Are you running out of room for all of your goodies???? Still, of all the things I have ever made, your wreath has to be my favorite. Hope it has held together for you. Hugs, genie

    1. LOL...Genie....I'm okay with it. I sold two already and let's just say I'd rather have the $$ than the dust collectors. No one will even know they are missing from my wall shelf since their is so much other stuff in that room. Yes, the wreath is still proudly displayed on my wall next to my work table and makes me think of you every time I look at it. Hugs...Vicki


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