Thursday, October 15

Christmas Lampwork Beaded Jewelry

The first selection of Christmas lampwork beads arrived this week so I've been busy designing for my up coming Trunk Show in November.  Heather has out done herself with the cutest beads I've seen anywhere. I created the Holly Berry necklace with tiny silver stars that I can fit little Swarovski crystals inside to give them that extra sparkle. The Santa Snowballs (lol) bracelet has some magical, crystal looking "snowball" glass beads to make it look extra "cool" on your wrist. The Snowman is tangled up in Christmas lights that wraps around the artisan crafted lampwork bead to the back of his head.  I made a Christmas Tree pendant with a silver star on top so that anyone can slip it on to their favorite silver chain to wear. The last creation is the pair of Peppermint Candy earrings that look like they are wrapped in cellophane.

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