Sunday, April 23

Quilt Retreat Gifts

I've just added a new Collection of products to the shop with an eye towards Quilt Retreats and Quilt Gatherings.  Fortunately for me, a number of customers have been looking for a nice "gift idea" to exchange with the other woman at these events.

Quilt Planner/Journal clips and needle minders are a nice idea and under the $5 price point.

The journal clips are sold in an assortment of three in a gingham or polka dot pattern.

I've, also, designed some extra cute badge holder/retractable reel id holders to wear to your next Quilt conference.  You could wear them to the office, too.

Some with a gingham pattern and some with polka dots.

To match up with everything...I've even added those cute little sewing machines to some tape measures in cases.  Again, a nice price for giving as a gift at your next Quilters Guild event.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  You'll find the new product in my Etsy shop at


Tuesday, April 18

High School Earrings

I don't mean to brag but I can still fit into the same size earrings that I wore in High School...just sayin'. I've just listed these earrings in my shop so should they look like your size please feel free to shop away. Link here

Thanks for stopping by! ;-)


Sunday, October 23

Scottie Dog Pincushions

The latest addition to my pincushion collection includes three new Scottie Dog designs.

Each one cuter than the next...

Please visit my Etsy shop here and check out all of the pincushion designs in my Collection.  Thanks for stopping by... 


Friday, October 7

Decorated Tape Measure Case

Something new that I have been working on....decorated cases with sewing tape measures. 

They're little plastic cases that I have decorated with assorted flowers beads and glass leaf beads.  Some have butterfly beads and some have glass ladybug beads.

There are six choices of colors for the actual tape measure inside each case.

As always...thanks for stopping by and taking a look. :-)  You'll find the tape measures available in my Etsy shop at

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