Sunday, October 23

Scottie Dog Pincushions

The latest addition to my pincushion collection includes three new Scottie Dog designs.

Each one cuter than the next...

Please visit my Etsy shop here and check out all of the pincushion designs in my Collection.  Thanks for stopping by... 


Friday, October 7

Decorated Tape Measure Case

Something new that I have been working on....decorated cases with sewing tape measures. 

They're little plastic cases that I have decorated with assorted flowers beads and glass leaf beads.  Some have butterfly beads and some have glass ladybug beads.

There are six choices of colors for the actual tape measure inside each case.

As always...thanks for stopping by and taking a look. :-)  You'll find the tape measures available in my Etsy shop at

Friday, September 30

Quilting & Sewing Necklaces

Something new that I've been working on...chain necklaces with assorted charms.  Some relating to quilting....some that have I love sewing charms and some with I love knitting charms.

A few of the new designs have little wooden spools of thread with a variety of colors to choose from. 

I Love Quilting with a tiny tape measure and sewing machine charm.

I Love Sewing with sweet little bird scissors.

Need some gifts for the ladies in your quilting guild? How about a gift for your favorite seamstress friend.

Thanks for stopping's a link to the Jewelry section in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, September 22

Need A Needle Minder?

Something new in my Decorative Sewing Pins & More shop on Etsy.  Needle minders are great for all your stitching projects whether it be cross stitch, embroidery, or hand quilting. There is a very strong lightweight Rare Earth magnet attached to the decorative minder, which you put on the front of your fabric. A second external magnet is placed behind your fabric to hold the minder in place. 

Using my stash of vintage Mary Engelbreit fabric, I have created a pair of Floral magnetic needle minders. My needle minders are each individually handmade, therefore each one will be slightly different from photos shown here.

These needle minders provide a place for you to store your needle when it is not in use. No more wondering where that needle went to until your foot finds it in the carpet. Not too big and not too small, this 3/4 inch needle minder is perfect for large and small projects, or get one for each of your projects.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! :-)

Wednesday, July 13

Mary Engelbreit Collectible Pincushions

How Cherry cute is this?  I've just listed 4 previously owned and gently displayed Mary Engelbreit Collectible Dritz pincushions in my Etsy shop.  They've been enhanced with sets of my decorative sewing pins and some with beaded lampwork glass scissors fobs.  You'll find this cherry fabric purse pincushion here

A view of the backside and under the flap is where you can store your needles.

Here's the needlework scissors with the beaded scissor fob.

Remember that childhood song "I'm a little teapot?"

This darling little two tone Cherry fabric pincushion is available here

I have another cute purse design available that was created with the always popular checkerboard and Fried Egg Flower fabric. 

You'll find it available here

Lastly, I have available this cute pastel purse design with a set of four pastel decorative sewing pins.  You'll find it for sale here

Too much cute for one post...right?  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  Enjoy...

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