Monday, August 18

Crocheted Cuff Bracelets

Something totally new! This time I've designed a few crocheted cuff bracelet.  Bright colors, beads and whimsy...what more could you want?  These are truly one of a kind, whimsical, statement bracelets. Lots of hours involved in creating these beaded pieces of fiber art. 

Little cherries, scalloped and picot beaded edges all made by hand.  I started out with some mercerized cotton thread, slipped on some beads, sewed on a few buttons and this is what I ended up with.  Cheeky Cherry Red bracelet here 

I'm calling this cuff bracelet "Urban Aqua Blue & Red".  My "hand model" shows you how one of these crocheted cuff bracelets would look on your wrist.  I'm loving this color combination and all the little dangle bits!  This design can be found here.
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Friday, August 15

The Aqua Blue and Red Series

Aqua Blue and Red is such a popular color combination these days.  I've seen craft rooms decorated with the color scheme that just make me swoon with envy.  Here's my contribution to the "Aqua/Red" movement.  
The various hand crocheted cotton flower appliques range in size from apppx. 3" to 1 3/4" and are available in my shop here. 

Don't forget that you can double click the images for a Zoomed in your Face view. :-)

Wednesday, August 13

New Crocheted Flowers

I have a whole bunch of new hand crocheted flower appliques that I've been working on.  I'm still working on getting them listed in my store front so please check back later this week.

Don't forget that you can double click on the photos to enlarge them to a gigantic detail view.
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Thursday, July 31

Crocheted Flower Appliques

Here's something new I've been working onOriginally, I started out with two color choices.  I'm up to six different colors and I'm working on a red one now.  "What" you might be asking do you do with these things???  Even more important "What are they?".
They are frilly little (3.75 inches) hand crocheted cotton Flower appliques with leaves.

Here's how you could use them...

Decorate a handbag/purse
Personalize clothing
Add them to a hat
Add them to a scarf
Use them on a scrapbook page
Create a hair accessory with them
Design a pillow to embellish them with
Create a brooch to wear on a jacket by sewing a pin back on 

Did I miss anything?  I'm open for ideas.  Actually, one of my friends has asked about a scarf made from them...hhmmm...maybe?

Thanks for stopping by... Oh...they're in my Shop :-)

Tuesday, July 22

Victorian Rosebud Earrings

Inspired by Summer blossoms, I've designed these floral earrings with delicate Lucite flower beads in shades of Lilac and Pink. The charming glass lampwork rosebuds are topped with ornate copper filigree bead caps, findings and ear wires.

So very feminine, right?  You'll find them available in my shop on here.

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