Saturday, December 19

A fun time was had by all......

Last night was the Christmas party at my favorite bead store, Tampa Bead Cafe, where I like to shop.  The food was delicious and the gift exchange was really fun.  It was one of those gift exchanges where you could "steal" away someone elses gift if you liked it instead of choosing an unopened gift.  Luckily, I had a high number so I was able to see what most of the opened gifts were before my turn came around. I confess, I did "steal" a gift but it was all in fun.  The pair of Santa Dangle Earrings that I brought were the first gift opened and they were stolen away. Next Tuesday (December 22) they will be having a Bead Exchange all day. We get to bring in any beads that we might have to barter with someone who has beads we like better. It sounds like it will be a fun time, too.

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