Sunday, May 1

M E Monday

Welcome again to Mary Engelbreit Monday. Please join us and post the link to your blog with the related Mary Engelbreit pictures to share with everyone. It can be a ME licensed product or something that was "inspired" by Mary Engelbreit's artwork. It "should" be a photo that you took of something that you own. We're flexible here....let's have fun above all else.

It's been a lovely Spring weekend here in Florida. That perfect kind of weather where you can take a relaxing trip to the beach with your friend. That's what I did this past Saturday morning. We headed out about 9 am to Indian Shores beach, arrived by 10 am and found our perfect spot on the white sand. It's my first bit of sun for the year so I was lathered from head to toe in spf 30 lotion. The breeze off the gulf was soothingly cool that morning. Just a few other beach goers when we first arrived. By the time we left around 3 pm the beach was awash with sun worshipers.
My friend brought the turkey sandwiches for lunch and I brought the chocolate dipped strawberries. Both totally hit the spot at noon.
We both still had room for a Dairy Queen Blizzard on the long ride home. It's good to have friends who don't count the calories on the weekend!
For Mary Engelbreit Monday this week I am sharing the month of May from my ME wall calendar. Additionally, here's a pastel ME picture frame and tea cup candle that both sit on my coffee table in my living room.
Now it's your turn....Once you've posted your pictures come back and add your link to the link tool below. Please share the link back to my blog so that everyone can take part in sharing their post and pictures.


  1. Your posts are just so darn cute. Sorry to have let you down these past weeks...but, hey...I made it this week. Hope all is well. Glad your weather is nice and warm. Ours is still cool and rainy! Genie

  2. Oh, a day at the beach! That sounds like a lovely day, Vicki. I tried at least six time to link my post tonight. I kept getting a message that I needed to have a back link to this site before I could link in. What is that? It's never asked me for that before. ;-)
    Any ideas?

  3. Love your "teasers," but I want to see more of your living room! I crave photos of your rooms. JV


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