Wednesday, July 11

A Few New Designs

I've been hanging on to these special Checkerboard beads for years now.  They aren't the easiest style of lampwork beads to make. You have to get just the perfect amount of black and white glass to melt evenly on the bead to form the squares.  I poked through some of my bead stash and found these cute black & white Poppy flower beads that I think compliment the Checkerboard beads perfectly.

A closer look....

This is my first attempt at a wrapped bracelet. Fairly time consuming since each one of the squares has to be wrapped through twice to secure it to the cording. We're talking over 3 hours to put this puppy together. I'm keeping it :-)


  1. Great work! Especially fond of your wrap bracelet.....Christy F

  2. Oh these are all so cute. You are really talented!!

  3. Amazing work!!! looking forward to seeing more.:)


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