Thursday, August 2

New Designs

 My stock of lampwork beads has dwindled down to not much availableI've been searching through what's left over to come up with a few fabulous beads.  Like the cute little cone swirl bead from my friend, Heather, at Dragonfly Lampworks

I came across another cute bead that I forgot about.  This is a little, one inch, Cherry coin purse bead.  I added some tiny glass seed beads for a handle to create this pendant.

It's decorated on both sides of the beads.  You could take the silver bail off and make it a little standing sculpture if you wanted to. Gheez! A multipurpose product...what more could you ask for!  

Last but not least, I have a pair of Poppy Flower earrings for those who like shorter hanging earrings.  

Thanks so much for stopping by to see what's new.  I should be resupplied next week with some wonderful new beads to design with.  You'll have to come back...we'll do lunch... ;-)


  1. You've been busy again. Always enjoy seeing your creative endeavors. ~ Sarah

  2. I adore this. Black white red and cherries are a favorite. You are so very talented. You should share this over at Sunny Simple Sundays.

  3. Your jewelry is precious! Just what I love to wear! Happy Sunday!

  4. Stopped by from Sunny Simple - Love the cherries!

  5. Lovely beads, I especially like the handbag. It's lovely to be able to use beautiful things to make more beautiful things :-)


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