Sunday, October 7

A Lovely Day of Tea

A few months ago my neighbor & friend, Paddy, and I went to a wonderful tea room about 45 minutes out of Tampa.  It's located in Plant City and is called the Camellia Rose Tea Room & Boutique.  Paddy loves to explore different tea rooms and it was her Birthday so we headed out one fine morning to go check us this new location for us.  

Camellia's has received great reviews on The Tea Map website. It's located in a quaint little town with little shops to explore close by.  There is a charming gift shop in the front of this historic old building with the tea area elegantly decorated farther in the back past the shopping area.

We had cute little heart shaped cucumber sandwiches.  Floral designs were everywhere including mismatched serving ware and tea cups.

The top tier of our plate stand was filled with delicious dessert treats.  I had my first French macaroon ever! OMG...I've been missing out!  They, also, had these lovely little Swan cream puffs made from puff pastry.  They were as fabulous as they looked.

The second tier was where the yummy finger sandwiches awaited us.  Each one just as awesome as the next.  The Heart shaped cream cheese and cucumber with dill was my favorite.

Located on the bottom tier was this wonderful Pineapple, Macadamia Nut, and Almond flavored scone.  Of course, clotted cream was served along side these amazing pastries. 

Our server was just wonderful and very attentive to our needs.  She even brought out a special "Birthday" ice cream for Paddy but she was too stuffed to eat anything more.

Once we finished up our tea and lunch we did a little exploring.  We found this whole other side that looks like it is set up for parties and private events.  

I thought is was even more charming than the area we had been seated in.  Mostly because I am a "Pink" girl.  This is definitely the Pink Frilly side.

 What a wonderful location to have a bridal shower or baby shower.

Don't you just Love the heart shape cut outs on these darling wooden chairs?

 Even the Powder Room was decorated! Too Cute!  So if you ever get to my neck of the woods call me....we'll do lunch at Camellia Rose Tea Room.  I'd love to go back there.  Here's the link to their website if you want to check it out. 


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  1. What a lovely tea room. The tea goodies look pretty amazing......Sarah


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