Tuesday, January 8

Shopping & Creating

I'm not much of an after the Holidays bargain shopper but when Lucy mentioned on Facebook last week that Mary Engelbreit had some cute stuff available at Michaels Crafts for Valentine's Day that was all the inspiration I needed to get out and go see. 

What do these remind you of??  I found these little Cherries (at least to me they are) in the Christmas stuff mark down from $1.29 a bunch to a quarter each.

Cute little ME Valentine take out containers are available for .99.  The pink decorated clothes pins were marked down to .60 for the package.

Lots of cute stuff in the $1.50 bins like the Mary Engelbreit stamps in the first photo, several designs of cross stitch kits, and the mini scrapbook paper packages.

I picked up a couple of the little wooden bird houses for $1.50 and was inspired by the ME paper.

First I painted all the edges with some white acrylic paint.

Then it was cut...cut...cut...and glue...glue...glue.  Did you see the little window boxes on the sides of bird house?
Once all the glue dried I put a couple of coats of Mod Podge over all of the paper.  I still need to add a cute ribbon to hang the bird house with.  I forgot in my rush to get photos for my blog post.
I'm happy with how it turned out.  Next I'll work on making something with the mini Mary E. cross stitch kit.

Thanks for stopping by.  I'm linking up with Sue at It's A Very Cherry World.  Stop over and visit to see all the red that everyone has shared for "Rednesday" at Sue's blog.


  1. Lots of goodies! Such a cute birdhouse after you decorated it!

  2. ADORABLE, V!!! :) So glad your MIchaels had the good stuff!!! :) Cute bird house!

  3. Cute! I got some of the new stuff too! I don't need it at all, but I can't walk by the Mary E stuff and not buy some! lol

  4. Oh...What a great post. I love Mary Engelbreit. Her style is so unique and so sweet.
    Thank you for sharing your adorable little birdhouse project. I love the variety of prints you incorporated. What fun!
    Have a Happy Rednesday!
    Carolynn xxx

  5. Guess where I am going today......and I have a gift certificate. Yeah. Love the paper dolls. Love ME.

  6. You picked the right day for this outing. Great cherry items that Sue will enjoy seeing.

  7. On January 01, I too, picked up a lot of these goodies @ Michael's. Happy crafting!

  8. Oh my goodness, so cute! I saw something very similar to these birdhouses on Pinterest just this morning.

    Happy Rednesday!


  9. Beautiful!!!! I just went and had to stock up =)
    I have a question for ya, I remember you have an ME calendar holder its white black checks and a little cottage on top, I have the same one and have heard that this years ME calendar doesn't fit inside of it, Have you had any problems with that? I haven't bought my calendar yet so im hoping it fits.

    1. The ME calendars haven't fit the old holder for years now unfortunately. But I had an "ah-hah" moment last year when I realized that I could reuse some of my old calendars that did fit. Because I could never throw out anything with Mary's art on it I have some dating back to the 90's. You just have to find the years that line up with this years date and day. I didn't have a wider calendar this year to fit the holder so I just put it away in the closet but I did reuse an old calendar. That doesn't add to ME's bottom line but it does save me $$. :-)

    2. Last years calendar fit just fine in mine, I do have some stored away dating back to 91', maybe ill look up which one to use. I already ordered my new ME one, guess that one will be used in my room instead of my kitchen. For now its being used for a picture collage =)

  10. I bought this paper for just such a project. Your little birdhouses are perfect for these little papers! I'm going to have to copy this sweet inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!


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