Thursday, September 22

Need A Needle Minder?

Something new in my Decorative Sewing Pins & More shop on Etsy.  Needle minders are great for all your stitching projects whether it be cross stitch, embroidery, or hand quilting. There is a very strong lightweight Rare Earth magnet attached to the decorative minder, which you put on the front of your fabric. A second external magnet is placed behind your fabric to hold the minder in place. 

Using my stash of vintage Mary Engelbreit fabric, I have created a pair of Floral magnetic needle minders. My needle minders are each individually handmade, therefore each one will be slightly different from photos shown here.

These needle minders provide a place for you to store your needle when it is not in use. No more wondering where that needle went to until your foot finds it in the carpet. Not too big and not too small, this 3/4 inch needle minder is perfect for large and small projects, or get one for each of your projects.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! :-)

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