Sunday, April 23

Quilt Retreat Gifts

I've just added a new Collection of products to the shop with an eye towards Quilt Retreats and Quilt Gatherings.  Fortunately for me, a number of customers have been looking for a nice "gift idea" to exchange with the other woman at these events.

Quilt Planner/Journal clips and needle minders are a nice idea and under the $5 price point.

The journal clips are sold in an assortment of three in a gingham or polka dot pattern.

I've, also, designed some extra cute badge holder/retractable reel id holders to wear to your next Quilt conference.  You could wear them to the office, too.

Some with a gingham pattern and some with polka dots.

To match up with everything...I've even added those cute little sewing machines to some tape measures in cases.  Again, a nice price for giving as a gift at your next Quilters Guild event.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  You'll find the new product in my Etsy shop at


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