Wednesday, September 15

Creative Chick Parade....Day Three.....Furniture Fix Up...

Wednesday is the 3rd day of the "Creative Chick" Parade and it's  the day to share your Furniture Fix Up. I'm sharing one of my Craft Armoires that I painted. Almost everyone by now knows that I love Cherries and Mary Engelbreit but some may not know that I love MacKenzie-Childs "stuff". Most of which is out of my price range but I can still admire it from afar. I've had the wonderful opportunity to visit Aurora, NY where they are headquarted. I, also, went to their New York City store many years ago and it was amazing. This is my ode to MC's work. I purchased this plain armoire from Wal-mart of all places and "fixed it up".

Because it had to be assembled I was able to do all of the painting and papering easily on a flat surface. I recall having used my ironing board to raise it up really high so that I would not have to bend over too much to paint. Being able to do that made it so much easier and proved to be a good trick that I've applied to the two other armoires that I've painted. is the big "reveal".....

Click photo for larger view

The armoire stands in my "backroom" and is filled with craft stuff. The sides are painted in a faux green marble look. I think I fixed her up real!


  1. Oh Miss Cherry, you did a fabulous job! I just love your armoire. It stands to reason if you like ME you'd like MC. You did them both proud.

  2. It even looks better today.....the BIG question does it look on the inside?*?*?*??*?*?*?*?*?*? Being abble to do all the painting, papering, etc. before being assembled must have saved your life! Tomorrow you leave for hopefully LOTS of fall color. Have a great trip. I will be thinking about you.

    Hugs and Happy Travels...

  3. What a wonderful job you did on that armoire. What a difference a little time and work can do.

  4. Vicki, you did a fabulous job! I can't image undertaking such a project. You know I'm a MC fan as well as a ME fan too. I'm in awe of your talent to create one of these for yourself. Wow! ~ Sarah


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