Tuesday, November 22


I'm happy to be joining up with Sue and all of the other bloggers over on "It's A Very Cherry World" this week.  Last month Sweet Sue out of the blue sent me this delightful tag. It made me feel so very special to have something so custom made for me. It has a special spot in my studio and I think of Sue when I look over at it. Thanks, again, Sue for this little treasure.
Please stop on over at her blog to see what other "reds" are being shared this week.


  1. You were fortunate receiving one of Sues's pretty tags. She does a great job on them.

  2. What a sweet surprise, and Sue definitely makes the nicest tags!
    Happy REDnesday and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Its so pretty!Lucky you to have such a a sweet bloggy friend!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! What a sweet tag that Sue made for you. Love that edge and......of course........the cherry!

  5. Looks like you are keeping your finger on the pulse of the blogging world. I am still absent from Buttons and busy with Climbing. Ridgie was here for a day and a half weekend before last. It was heavenly. Gene and E coma down and we had the best time. We leave Christmas ever for Genes and then to Mattie’s on Christmas Day. Be home the 28th. Gene, Patricia, and E. are going to Mattie’s. too.School is out Tuesday at 3:15. YEAH!!! Check your mail. Santa mailed you a little goodie for your house today....hope it gets there before Christmas. I may not call or email, but I sure think about you an awful lot. Hope you and son are fine this holiday season...that is is warm in Tampa...and that you are ready for the old goat to come down the non-chimney. XOXOXO Genie


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