Sunday, December 18

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The cards have been addressed and the treats have been baked.  I think I'm ready...


  1. Ready??? What is that??? I have to get into my closet and get all of the bags emptied and wrapped...and oh...baking... yes some of that too! LOL Merry Christmas! Sandy

  2. Now that card it just tooooo cure. I am still using the old ones I have been saving for years. Hope all is well. I sent you a message on an earlier post...the one for Rednesday. I actually posted there this week...a miracle. Hugs, genie

  3. Vickie, I've been smiling and thinking about your friendship as I look at my Christmas box. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness. Hope you have a very merry Christmas. Hugs ~ sarah

  4. If I do no tget back to you, we leave tomorrow for Gene’s. Have been down with the back of and on all week. The 5th of Jan cannot come soon enough to suit me. Packed up my last 2 wreaths tonight...ended up making 14...I think...did not take photos of all of them but they were all different. Have blisters and bruises on my right hand from the 75 year old pinking shears. It is cold and rainy here, but car is packed. Bud is cooking me din-dim thank goodness..a la Stouffers. Did post a photo of everyone for Weekend in Black and White. Mattie is missing as well as the wives and other grandchildren and her hubby, but it is a half way decent photo. Take you. genie

  5. I just wanted to wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year. I hope 2012 is very good to you!


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