Sunday, July 18

Sunday and Such....

Well...I was all set to do my Sunday Favorites with Chari over at Happy To Design today but it looks like she is busy with her house guest this weekend. I say friends and family come later. ;-)

So....I've decided now to do a little "ME Monday" giveaway. Participation in the sharing of everyone's Mary Engelbreit stuff has been declining. I so look forward to seeing what kind of ME things everyone else has on those ME Mondays.
Here's the bribe Giveaway....A pair of adult size ME Cherry Socks, a package of ME Cherry tissues, and a cute little ME Cherry note pad. I will randomly draw a number from entries on Tuesday this week. You get one entry when you leave a comment on the ME Monday blog post this week. You get two more entries if you become a new "follower" of my blog. Current "followers" will get two more entries if you tell me in your comment on the ME Monday blog post that you already are a "follower". You get three more entries if you mention the ME Monday Giveaway on your blog and let me know in your comment on the ME Monday post. And..........just to confuse the heck out of get FOUR...that's right....FOUR more chances to win this Mary Cherryful giveaway package if you actually post your Mary Engelbreit photos on your blog and link up to the ME Monday post here this week. I think I'm gonna have to go work on a spreadsheet for this thing. ;-)
I will have the ME Monday post up and ready to be linked to starting about 8 p.m. EST tonight and you can post to it until 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday evening. I look forward to seeing your ME "stuff" this week.


  1. Vicki,
    I am so happy to have found your blog. I am a huge ME fan.I am enjoying looking at all of your ME.I hope to join in your ME Mondays.
    I also love to read blogs,although I don't often post to mine.
    I need to get my own camera so I can take more photos. My daughter seems to always have our camera.
    Looking forward to being one of your followers.

  2. Pick me....I LOVE socks, especially Mary socks. Sounds like fun....I'm ready and waiting.

  3. I'm a follower.. just love all you ME goodies....

  4. I keep meaning to join in. I do visit and comment. Just yesterday I found something ME. Running to get camera now.

  5. Boy, are you putting me to the test this time...I am going to have to print out the directions and then try to complete them one by one. Guess I need to get my act together.....have taken photos of my M.E. entries for tomorrow...that was quite the accomplishment considering my weekend!!!! Hugs, Genie

  6. Cute little gifts. I am a follower and will try to post tomorrow and Tuesday.

  7. Cutest socks ever! You always find the best ME finds... do you have ME GPS?

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9.'s true! I do have "Cherry" GPS at the very least. I can scan a store in minutes and tell you if they have any ME or Cherries. Michaels seems to have the best selections these days. I spyed new gift wrap, enclosure cards, and a gift card tin in their most recently.


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