Saturday, July 3

A Work In Progress......

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I have this fun new bracelet that I have been working on for a little while now using a Peyote stitch but I ran out of black Delica beads. My favorite local bead shop (Tampa Bead Cafe) is out of them. I sent off to Fusion beads this week but when the package arrived Friday it was the wrong size. So my plans to finish the bracelet this weekend is not happening it would seem. I do like the little red lucite accent flowers and the slide bar clasp that I ordered from Fusion. I guess I'll be working on one of the other dozen halfway done projects that I have


  1. Oh I love it!!! Looks time consuming but it will definitely be worth it when you're done :) Have a great holiday!! ~ Laura

  2. Wow....You continue to amaze me. Here I am fixated on trying to get blinkies that blink, and you are creating these fabulous works of art. You could dress me from head to toe, and then I really would be a happy camper. Have yourself a HAPPY fourth...try to stay cool, gal. Love, Genie


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