Saturday, July 27

Russian Spiral Necklace & BFF

My BFF, Kathy, and her dear husband, Larry, have just returned from their annual trip to France.  While still in France, Kathy asked me if I would make her a black & white necklace with silver leaves.  Of course, my answer was "of course"!  So for the past week I've been working on the Russian Spiral Rope Necklace that you see pictured here.  It's a really slowwwww process when you consider each of those little tiny beads, size 11, are picked up one at a time and stitched in a pattern to form this rope.

But here's the thing...Kathy is probably my biggest "cheerleader" and unquestionably owns more Cherry Chick Jewelry than anyone in the world.  I know...some of my wonderful friends who's initials start with Jeanne & Joan are thinking how can that be!  Surely they own more than Ms. KathyI'm sure because I have known Kathy for more than 30 years plays into it.


Here's the book that I own "One Big Beautiful Bead".  I followed the technique for creating this Russian Spiral Rope Necklace using their instructions.  Should you be so inclined to try your hand at it, they offer free downloadable beading instructions for the Russian Spiral Technique over here on the publisher, Lark Crafts, website.  How awesome is that?

So back to "the thing"...Kathy's birthday is coming up in August.  I've already decided that the necklace will be my Birthday present to her.  Trust me it won't be easy because she will most likely insist on paying me for it.  I will be steadfast and tell her "'s my gift to you"!  We will bicker back and forth but that's how BFF's are. I'll win :-)

Speaking of France... My good friends, Kathy & Larry, have a wonderful vacation rental home they call "Reve De Provence" in Southern France.  Please checkout their link should you find the time for a wonderful vacation experience in Pierrelatte, a lively market village, located in the Drome Provençal with 12,000 inhabitants.  You can even tell them I sent you.

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  1. I love the black and white Russian spiral necklace you created. Would you please let me know how you attached that awesome fringe? I am new to "fringing".
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Anonymous...I'm not sure that you will see this unless you come back to check for a reply but you can find an excellent tutorial for what's called "coral fringe" on Fusion Beads website. Here's the link and I hope this helps you out.

      Cherry Chick


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