Wednesday, July 10

Sweet Friend

 I'm happy to share with you today some of the wonderful gifts that my friend Jeanne has sent to me.  I have had the pleasure of making some very caring friendships through my adventures in blogging and the selling of my jewelry.

 Jeanne has been so very generous to me throughout the years and recently has decided to downsize her collection of Mary Engelbreit treasures.

 Every so often a fabulous box of goodies arrives on my door step.  It's a much appreciated treat and it always brightens my day when I see the box waiting for me at my door.

  What I find so amazing is that other than a package of Cherry tissue paper there has never been a duplication of any ME item that I already own in my collection.

I am ever so grateful for the friendships that I have in my life and I'm especially pleased to count my friend Jeanne amongst those.  She is sweet beyond words.

While not a Mary Engelbreit this not the cutest little Cherry canape knife you've every seen???

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  1. Hello Vicki! You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful friend like Jeanne. Isn't it nice when someone sends you something for "just because"? I'm sure that Jeanne got as much enjoyment mailing you that special package as you did receiving it! :) I see that she sent you the "Sophie", "Michael", and "Georgia" magnetic paper dolls.... I recently started collecting the Mary Engelbreit Magnetic Paper Dolls and it just so happens that those are the 3 friends of Ann Estelle that I need! (LOL.... You don't suppose Jeanne has any more in her collection that she'd like part with?) I have also purchased the ME Magnetic Dollhouse. When I redecorate my bedroom, I am going to surround myself with the whit and whimsy of Mary Engelbreit and set up my new treasures, along with my pretty Ann Estelle doll. Just can't get enough of Mary's art -- it always puts a smile on my face. Take good care, Vicki!

  2. This post cheered me up this morning! A girl can never have too much Mary Engelbreit!


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