Sunday, March 29

My "Real Life" profession is up and running.....

My long time friend, Kathy, and I have finally gotten our new website up and running as of last week. We are offering our services as Daily Money Managers in the Tampa Bay area. I'm in Tampa and she's in Clearwater. Who needs a Daily Money Mangers (DMM) you might be asking yourself?

If you are a busy professional or travel frequently we can help you make sure that your mortgage, rent, utilities, and credit card payments are paid on time each month. If you are not able to personally help your parents or a loved one because of your other family or career obligations or because you don't live close by, you can have peace of mind that their daily financial affairs are in order. If you are a Senior who finds that all of your paperwork is confusing. If you have a disability that makes it hard for you to write out your checks for bill payment. If you don't have the time nor inclination to put all of the paperwork together to give to your Accountant to have your taxes prepared.

In addition to our financial organization services, we provide Life Management concierge services. We can wait for the repairman/delivery person in your home, provide modified house sitting (waters plants, bring in mail, walk and feed pets, etc.), accompany senior citizens to doctor's appts. to be a "second voice" for you when needed, run personal errands for you.

We charge an hourly rate for our services. The amount of time necessary to complete your monthly personal services will depend on the complexity of your needs. Our fees are affordable and may well be offset by the savings we frequently generate from avoiding unnecessary fees and penalties.
Please check out our new website at

Monday, March 2

Birthday Week Celebrations continues....

I finally made a trip down to Ft. Myers this past weekend to visit with my friends Christina, Frank, & their lovely cat Chloe. She likes to sit in the sun as you can tell from this picture that I took of her. They treated me like a Birthday Princess while I was there.
My birthday celebration continues tomorrow when I go to see Lorraine for a massage that my sweet BF scheduled for me. It's been way to long since my last massage.

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