Thursday, May 31


I finished up this little flower beaded ring last night.  I wore it out this afternoon when my neighbor, Paddy, and I went out for lunch.  I just needed to get out of the house for a change of scenery.  Let's just say that I didn't come home with the ring. ;-) Sometimes it's just nice to share.
Click to get the Gigantic View
I finally put the toggle clasp on this Checkerboard Necklace that I've been beading FOREVER!  It was fun working with bugle beads. I don't get a chance to work with them very much. That's all I got for you today....just a few shares. Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, May 29

We Have A Winner!

Cherry Chick Kitchen Window
I trust everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.  I'd like to thank Michele, Lisa, & Mitra who participated in the Pinterest Blog Giveaway with me this past week. Thanks so much for helping spreading the word for me on Pinterest!
I used the trusty Random Number Generator which selected #3. So that means that Michele Rough is my Blog Giveaway Winner! Whoot...Whoot! Congrats to Michele...I will be sending her an email with the happy news.  Again,thank you ladies.

Wednesday, May 23

Pin It to Win It Giveaway

A Cherry Chick Jewelry       Blog Giveway
I've posted the photo above on one of my Pinterest Boards. Now that I have alot of "free time" I've been busy designing, photographing, and restocking my various websites with jewelry for sale. 
I'd like to spread the word on Pinterest and I need your help.  In return I'm giving away any $15 pair of earrings that I sell or you can apply the $15 towards any piece of jewelry that I sell. 
It's an easy two step entry...

1) Visit any of my websites and Pin a photo of any of my jewelry that you would like to share with the world  to your Pinterest board(s).
2) Come back to my blog here and leave me the link as a comment.

That's it! You can Pin as many photos as you would like. Just leave a separate comment for each Pin. Each Pin will get you an entry in the Giveaway.

So where IS all this fabulous jewelry you are asking yourself??? Please follow the links below to my websites and Pin away.

My shop is here 
My Cherry Chick Jewelry website is here
My bigger Cherry website is here

I'm thinking if a have a "gazillion" people participate I may add a second "lucky winner".
You have until 7:00 p.m. EST, Monday, May 28th, 2012 (Memorial Day) to get those photos Pinned to Pinterest. After closing time, I'll do a random drawing from all the comments with links. I'll post winner no later than Tuesday morning.
You're still here reading?? Go Pin know you are addicted to Pinterest! Now go........get......spread the photos to the World! (insert evil chuckle here) ;-)

Sunday, May 20

Something to Think About

A few weeks ago I received a comment inquiry from one of my friends here in the blogging world. She was kind enough to ask how I was doing.  I responded back by email that "I'm doing good". Later that day I saw this on Pinterest  and it made me think.  Trust me there are days when I have my own little "pitty parties" out here trying to figure out my next career move. Especially those days when I send off my resume for a position with a job description that totally reads like my resume and then I hear nothing back. I'm working hard at being patient for that next opportunity. So when I read the words above it helps me to put it all into perspective.  I have so much to be grateful for. :-)

Monday, May 14

Two Moods of Missy

I was sitting on the couch this morning with Missy. My camera was close by so I took a few snaps of her two positions. She's either "on" or "off". Who wouldn't love that sweet face?

I changed my font at