Thursday, November 26

New Collection of Scissor Fobs

Do you "run with scissors"? Maybe you need a gift idea for your friend who is a quilter or enjoys sewing.

I've recently designed a collection of scissor fobs that are now available in my Etsy Shop here.

Some with Cherries, some with Cottage Roses, and some with Fried Egg Poppy flowers.

Some that are Heart shaped with extra fancy Heart closures.

If you have no scissors to adorn with a fob you could attach it to a handbag as a purse charm.

Another idea would be to add them as a zipper pull to your favorite hoodie jacket or your Yoga bag.

Each one hand beaded with Artisan crafted lampwork glass focal beads and assorted glass accent beads.

I'm sure there are are uses for these little cuties that I haven't even thought of.  If you think of one leave me a comment to share your idea.

 Thanks for stopping by to take a look...


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