Sunday, September 30

Finally...I'm back to share...

I know...I've been missing.  Sometimes it just seems Life gets busy.  But I have been saving up some things to share.  It looks like the old, easier way to write blogger posts has disappeared since I last posted. Bummer! Sometimes change is good but in this case it's not.  I'll have to get up to speed on how the new systems works.

After a very long time I finally pulled out my sewing machine.  During this time that I have been working to find my new career I've always had this feeling that I needed to spend my time working on finding a new position which did not allow for much time doing anything "Fun".  Last week I decided to change my thought pattern and work on something that I'd been wanting to do.  Sooooo.....I finally used some very Cherry oilcloth fabric that I had purchased at Joann's forever ago to make myself some Cherry market totes.  I was tired of carrying the black ugly cloth bags that I had been using for years.  I'm pleased with how they turned out and they were so quick and easy to make.  I was able to make two totes out of 1 yard of the oilcloth fabric.  They were test "marketed" on Saturday so I know they will hold up!  One of my friends has already asked me if I will be selling them...LOL!

This cute little Cherry purse was purchased at Walmart ( I know) about a month ago.  I was running through there really quickly looking for batteries because I was close by.  I have a radar for Cherries when I'm out some place.  I spied this out of the corner of my eye and immediately zeroed in on it. Eight bucks wasn't bad for it. It's not very big though but it works for me.

I have all the Christmas jewelry that I will be doing this year up in my store Here.  Stop by to take a look if you're in the mood to plan for the Holidays.

I promise I won't be gone so long next time. I have some wonderful pictures from a trip that my friend, Paddy, and I took this summer to the Camellia Rose Tea Room in Plant City, FL.  It's a darling little town about 45 minutes east of Tampa.  The tea room was fabulous!  You'll want to see this cute me.

Tuesday, September 11

A few new things....

It's been a "Cherry" weekend for creating...

A little "Cherry Fizz" to "sparkle" your wrist.

or a few "Black Cherries" for your wrist 

Get ready for winter with the "Snow Cherries" 

Speaking of Winter...I'm slowly adding Christmas designs to the shop...I know...groan...just adding them so that you can plan ahead. ;-)

Christmas Jewelry is starting to show up 

Thanks so much for stopping by...

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