Sunday, January 29

Shopping for VD

My goodness! What were you expecting?
I ran some errands today making my way through Michaels Crafts and a quick trip to Wal-mart. I know...I hate going in there (Wal-mart) but I needed some Valentine's Day candy for the office.  I found these delicous little candies while there. They're over in the Valentine's candy display. These little "fruit chews" (think Jelly Bellys) are "made with real cherry juice" and are "high in antioxidant vitamin C" which I'm sure makes them "healthy". Right? There are nine flavors in the 10 oz. bag including Cherry Vanilla, Kiwi Cherry, Cherry Daiquiri, Cherry Cheesecake, Cherry Cola, and Chocolate Cherry. Also, they're Made in USA with an affordable $2.25 price for the bag.

Michaels had 40% some of their Valentine's Day decorations plus there's a 25% everything coupon for Sunday. I picked up a few things to decorate the office with. I'm enjoying having an office to decorate for the seasons. I decided a week ago to create my first bunting/banner/garland or whatever they call them. I covered some cardboard hearts with scrapbook paper and my plan was to spell out "Employee Relations" but then I realized I didn't have any letters to spell it out.
I did some research and found a Cricut machine for $149 that I thought was reasonable. It's a cool little machine and it was pretty easy to figure out. Now I have my letters and more! I know it's kind of a tease since I'll wait until I get it hung up in the office this week and take a photograph of it.  I think it turned out cute.

Here's a wreath I bought at Michaels that I'm going to embellish. This is my "before" shot with the "after" to follow later. Have a fabulous week!


Sunday, January 15

Finally...A new post!

You know it's time for a blog update when a friend sends you an email asking if I you're going to replace the Merry Christmas!
So here's a few things that will hopefully make you laugh. I'm trying to hurry before the Golden Globes come on TV. A girl has her priorities ya know. :-) Enjoy and tell me if you do laugh out loud.

I'd miss the handsome husband...bahaha

I just put in my order with my office partner for Girl Scout cookies. Score...I now have a "connection" for GS cookies! Happy Dance.

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