Wednesday, August 29

I've been missing....

Sometimes it just seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to get all of the things done that I want to do.  Surely you've had that feeling before.

Finally! New Cherry Bling rings available again.  I have some with the black background and some with the white background.

Have you ever had trouble finding your keys in the bottom of your handbag?  These cool things are called Handbag Key Finders.  They're designed to hang out over the edge of your purse so that you're able to quickly locate your keys.  I've beaded up a few designs to choose from. 
Thanks for stopping by and letting me share some of what I've been creating.

Sunday, August 12


I've been pretty productive this week working on new designs.  This is a "revised" version of an older design.  I've titled this Cherry bracelet designed with a fabulous square glass lampwork bead and an eye catching black/white stripe encased bead...Cherry Soda Bracelet. 

This new design really "sparkles" with the bright Siam red faceted glass beads that have been used to create it. The highlight of this cute bracelet is the 19mm Artisan crafted Cherry lampwork glass bead. This bracelet is adjustable from 7 1/2 inches to 8 1/4 inches because of the lobster claw and length of chain that I have used for the closure.

A "Pretty in Pink" poppy flower design. Two 19mm sky blue Artisan crafted glass lampwork beads, three black polka dot glass lampwork beads, a few green Lucite leaves, and 12mm pink glass pearls make this a fun girlie bracelet. The silver toggle clasp allows this bracelet to close at 7 3/4 inches.  It's Here

A close up view of a new Poppy Flower beaded necklace.  More pictures available Here

This One of A Kind pair of earrings has been design using really beautiful hand blown glass swirl beads. A little something different from what I usually do. 

Another "not the norm" bracelet... Aqua Suede a little more "trendy".

I have some other new pieces to post.  I'll be back (in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice).  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 2

New Designs

 My stock of lampwork beads has dwindled down to not much availableI've been searching through what's left over to come up with a few fabulous beads.  Like the cute little cone swirl bead from my friend, Heather, at Dragonfly Lampworks

I came across another cute bead that I forgot about.  This is a little, one inch, Cherry coin purse bead.  I added some tiny glass seed beads for a handle to create this pendant.

It's decorated on both sides of the beads.  You could take the silver bail off and make it a little standing sculpture if you wanted to. Gheez! A multipurpose product...what more could you ask for!  

Last but not least, I have a pair of Poppy Flower earrings for those who like shorter hanging earrings.  

Thanks so much for stopping by to see what's new.  I should be resupplied next week with some wonderful new beads to design with.  You'll have to come back...we'll do lunch... ;-)

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