Tuesday, March 12

The Latest Project...

For awhile now I've wanted to create a more appropriate cover for my tablet computer.  I've, also, wanted to try my hand at crocheting some of those cute flowers that I've seen all over Pinterest.

Last week I came across this black felted tablet cover while poking around Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts.  I was doing so good keeping myself out of there but the lure of four 50% off coupons was just too much temptation.  I had managed to stay away since before Christmas but I'm only human!  What's a woman to do!

I sort of followed some flower and cherry patterns from Pinterest but then I made up my own variations on them.

I played around with the red flower idea and added in the Cherry glass lampwork cabochon bead but that wasn't working for me. 
So then I decided to put the glass bead in the middle as a "button" accentI liked that better but it was too plain and would need to be embellished.
I figured out the cherry bead placement but then I decided that I wanted to change up the crocheted flower idea.  That's when I decided to create the little Fried Egg Flower Poppy look.  Much cuter idea right?

A closeup view...
I did some bead embellishing around the cherry closure bead and finished attaching all of the crocheted flowers and cherries.

A closeup view of the embellished cherry cabochon bead.  I think it's now a much worthier cover for my tablet and way cuter than the old cover I'd picked up from Target over a year ago.


Thanks for stopping by and for letting me share.

Sunday, March 3

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