Friday, July 13

Where I Create

Thanks so much for stopping by Cherry Chick Jewelry to see "Where I Create".  If you look right above this post you'll see a tab for "Where I Create". Click on it and you'll be magically whisked away to my studio photos.  Enjoy & please come back here to leave me a comment if you'd like.

Thank you so very much to "My Desert Cottage" blog for hosting this fabulous event.  Do stop over there to see the 100's of other bloggers who are sharing "Where They Create" for the next few days. link...
P.S. Feel free to share any of my photos on your Pinterest Boards. :-)

Wednesday, July 11

A Few New Designs

I've been hanging on to these special Checkerboard beads for years now.  They aren't the easiest style of lampwork beads to make. You have to get just the perfect amount of black and white glass to melt evenly on the bead to form the squares.  I poked through some of my bead stash and found these cute black & white Poppy flower beads that I think compliment the Checkerboard beads perfectly.

A closer look....

This is my first attempt at a wrapped bracelet. Fairly time consuming since each one of the squares has to be wrapped through twice to secure it to the cording. We're talking over 3 hours to put this puppy together. I'm keeping it :-)

Sunday, July 1

The Secret Revealed!!!!

Remember the blog post that I wrote on March 1st about Bad News....Good News?? Here....It was about one door closing (having just been laid off from my job) and another door opening.  Well the door above should have been your first clue to the "top secret project".

The "secret" was revealed this past Friday on Mary Engelbreit's website. Happy Dance!  Yes...that would be the Cherry Chick logo on the right side of ME's front page.  I'm sure you're asking yourself "Why would Vicki's logo be on Mary's website?" Right??? 

Well, that's because I was asked to be a Guest Blogger on Mary's website!!! Whoot! Whoot! By now you are thinking "Why would they ask the Cherry Chick to write a blog post???" Link to blog post Here

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook

More fabulous news! I was asked by Mary Engelbreit Studios to create a collection of jewelry for them to retail.
Link to jewelry is Here 

Yepper! Can you believe your eyes?  There is now a Limited Edition Collection of Cherry Chick Jewelry for Mary Engelbreit's Shop.  I'm so excited to finally be able to share it with my "peeps".  There are eight pieces in the collection.  Some earrings, some bracelets, and some necklaces.  One of the designs was Out of Stock by Saturday! OMG!

I had so much fun designing the collection.  Even though most of my jewelry is usually one of a kind pieces, I didn't mind making multiple pieces of one design.  It was interesting to get the "process" going.

I jokingly referred to my studio as CherryChickConn to John, President/COO of MES, referencing the assembling plant for Apple iPads, Foxconn that's been in the news. 

I have really enjoyed all of the support and sweet comments that have been left on my Cherry Chick Jewelry Facebook page and on Mary's Facebook page.  There are some wonderful "peeps" out there who have been so kind to me.  So thank you for letting me share my "15 minutes" with you and an even bigger Thank You to those who helped make this all possible. Group hug!

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