Wednesday, July 31

An Artfire Feature

I'm pleased to share with you today the Collection that my Checkered Flower Earrings have been featured in today. I love the Wizard of Oz! :-) 

Saturday, July 27

Russian Spiral Necklace & BFF

My BFF, Kathy, and her dear husband, Larry, have just returned from their annual trip to France.  While still in France, Kathy asked me if I would make her a black & white necklace with silver leaves.  Of course, my answer was "of course"!  So for the past week I've been working on the Russian Spiral Rope Necklace that you see pictured here.  It's a really slowwwww process when you consider each of those little tiny beads, size 11, are picked up one at a time and stitched in a pattern to form this rope.

But here's the thing...Kathy is probably my biggest "cheerleader" and unquestionably owns more Cherry Chick Jewelry than anyone in the world.  I know...some of my wonderful friends who's initials start with Jeanne & Joan are thinking how can that be!  Surely they own more than Ms. KathyI'm sure because I have known Kathy for more than 30 years plays into it.


Here's the book that I own "One Big Beautiful Bead".  I followed the technique for creating this Russian Spiral Rope Necklace using their instructions.  Should you be so inclined to try your hand at it, they offer free downloadable beading instructions for the Russian Spiral Technique over here on the publisher, Lark Crafts, website.  How awesome is that?

So back to "the thing"...Kathy's birthday is coming up in August.  I've already decided that the necklace will be my Birthday present to her.  Trust me it won't be easy because she will most likely insist on paying me for it.  I will be steadfast and tell her "'s my gift to you"!  We will bicker back and forth but that's how BFF's are. I'll win :-)

Speaking of France... My good friends, Kathy & Larry, have a wonderful vacation rental home they call "Reve De Provence" in Southern France.  Please checkout their link should you find the time for a wonderful vacation experience in Pierrelatte, a lively market village, located in the Drome Proven├žal with 12,000 inhabitants.  You can even tell them I sent you.

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Wednesday, July 10

Sweet Friend

 I'm happy to share with you today some of the wonderful gifts that my friend Jeanne has sent to me.  I have had the pleasure of making some very caring friendships through my adventures in blogging and the selling of my jewelry.

 Jeanne has been so very generous to me throughout the years and recently has decided to downsize her collection of Mary Engelbreit treasures.

 Every so often a fabulous box of goodies arrives on my door step.  It's a much appreciated treat and it always brightens my day when I see the box waiting for me at my door.

  What I find so amazing is that other than a package of Cherry tissue paper there has never been a duplication of any ME item that I already own in my collection.

I am ever so grateful for the friendships that I have in my life and I'm especially pleased to count my friend Jeanne amongst those.  She is sweet beyond words.

While not a Mary Engelbreit this not the cutest little Cherry canape knife you've every seen???

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Thursday, July 4

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday.  If you happen to have a little time on the computer and feel like shopping please check out some of the latest designs that I've added to my storefront.

  Poppy Flower Heart Purse Charm/Zipper Pull

 Cherry Lampwork Beaded Watch

Very Cherry Bracelet

Pastel Cherries Flower Lampwork Beaded Earrings

 Pink Cottage Rose Bracelet Watch

 Checkered Poppy Flower Memory Wire Bracelet

 Pink Poppy Flower Lampwork Earrings
 Pink Poppy Flower Heart Pendant

Thanks for stopping by. Clicking on the photos should take you directly to the item in my shop 
You can, also, see the various pieces on my website at

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