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Hi...thanks for stopping by! This is my Studio where I design Cherry Chick Jewelry.  I took these photos a couple of years ago after I had done a remodel. I was tired of looking at the beads all over my house so I turned what was once my home office into my studio.  The bright colors inspire me to create. Let's just say that it does not look at all this organized right now. You can click on the photos to enlarge them.
This view is the far left side entering the room. The room is longer than it is wide and it only has the one window that faces west.  I purposely put my worktable close to the natural light source.
Looking to the right of the worktable is where I store various beads and supplies on the Ikea Expedit shelves.  One of my more popular posts is the story about what a pain in the butt it was purchasing and assembling this piece of furniture from Ikea. Never again!  The red re-purposed spice racks on my worktable contain various jewelry findings.
This is the view to the left of the worktable.  I have more storage for supplies and my Creation Board.

 Here's a wider view of the right side.  The little dresser was once in my son's room, has been painted a million colors, and now sits in my studio with it's fabric covered drawers.
This little wall quilt, using various Mary Engelbreit fabric, was made by my mother. It's displayed on my studio wall.

On this shelf I display my collection of rubber stamps.  I've now moved it to my worktable where I put containers on it to hold my tools and supplies.

Some of my Mary Engelbreit collectibles are displayed on this wall shelf.
I have my Madame Alexander Mary E. dolls displayed on this wall shelf above the little quilt.

My mother painted this birdhouse for me years ago. It hangs from the ceiling in my studio above the worktable.

This is a photo above the worktable so that you can see the shelf that I store some of my Mary Engelbreit tins on.  On the opposite wall in the room I have another shelf like it with just my ME Christmas tins and decor.

Here's my computer armoire on the left side of my studio.  It came in a big box originally unassembled. I have painted, decoupaged, and stenciled this giant to get it to my liking. Then I assembled it. So much easier than trying to work on it fully assembled.

The lower portion of the computer armoire.  I love this piece of furniture.

Inside the armoire there's a nice pull out shelf for my laptop.  The big drawer contains files. The shelf above it rolls out where I now keep my printer.
This is the view on top of the armoire. Hopefully there's no dust visible in the photo.

This is the wall that you see when you walk into the studio. The same wall where the little quilt and doll shelf is on.

My Christmas tins and other Christmas items are all stored up on a shelf in my studio.  I think they're fine to look at all year round and I chose not to hide them.

This is the other half of the Christmas shelf closer to the studio entrance.

There's a small closet under the shelves at the entrance to the studio.  That's were I've hung this cool Mary Engelbreit display that was once for retailing magnets. It's perfect for photos and mementos now.

I stenciled Cherries around the door to the studio.  Well, that pretty much takes you full square around the room.

I keep this, oh so cute, wreath up on my wall year round.  My blogging friend, Genie, made it for me a few years ago.  Each one of the little matchboxes are decorated with great detail. She designed it for the "Days Before Christmas".  I can just see the love she put in to it. :-)

This is a more accurate view of my worktable these days...bah!ha!ha! Not nearly as organized as the photo up above.  But that's okay cuz out of this mess comes some cute stuff. ;-)

This is what I create....

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