Saturday, February 27

Had a wonderful Birth Day!

I had a wonderful time at dinner with my son, Christopher, on my birthday. He took me to the ever so cool Grille One Sixteen here in Tampa. The food was great, donuts with a 4th of July Sparkler for dessert was fun, the atmosphere was cool, but my dinner "date" was the best part. oxox

Thursday, February 18

Cherry Chick Bling Ring & Skinny Chick Beads.......

Two new Fun things! First, I'm so excited about the arrival of my Cherry Chick Bling Ring. I asked the lampworking Genius, Ms. Heather, from Dragonfly Lampworks if she could make me a bead to fit in a ring that I bought this Christmas. Below is the what she designed! Now I'll be stalking the mailbox waiting for my letter carrier to deliver the package. Many Thanks to sweet Heather!

I'm going to my first network meeting of the local Biz-e-Chicks group tonight and I saw that the brilliant Ms. Heather has just created "skinny chick" beads. I'll be going as the "Cherry Chick" to this network group and I'm thinking these would make up into really, really cute jewelry for the "Chicks" in the group. Way cute!

Sunday, February 7

It's Hard to Move a Mouse.....

with a Cat on your hand. I like to sit on my couch with my laptop which means Missy HAS to sit next to me. Missy on the right and Rusty on my left. They're both curled up trying to stay warm. Thanks for indulging me by letting me share my photo op ;-)

Wednesday, February 3

Mary's Ribbons Bracelet and whining........

Some time ago my very talented friend, Heather, from Dragonflylampworks created this set of glass lampwork beads for me. I have finally had the chance to make something fun with them. I'm calling this bracelet Mary's Ribbons. It's 7.5 inches in length and it's $45. Ms. Heather has been so wonderful about sharing her photograhy tips with me these past few months. Her photos are always so perfect. The sweet friend even went out and bought me the same "dish" that she uses in her pictures and sent it to me last week as an early birthday present! How awesome is that??? I'm working hard at learning the capabilities of my camera. Who knew you could change the setting for the kinds of lighting you are using in your photos????
Now for whining...I've been having what I call "mouse shoulder" for the past week so I've been trying hard to limit my time on the computer. Does anyone ever find that when you spend alot of time of the computer that your right shoulder aches from click that mouse so much? Maybe it's just me?? It's a new thing for me and it stinks.

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