Friday, August 30

No Labor This Weekend & Gifts...

My plan this weekend is to float in my friend Kristi's new pool and sip on umbrella drinks.  At least on Saturday that is.  

What do you have planned for Labor Day??


My sweet friend, Jeanne, has just sent me another box of her Mary Engelbreit "cast offs" as she refers to them.  I'm always tickled pink when I see a strange box waiting for me on my front porch.  How cute is this timely little Halloween magnet?

This sugar jar is my favorite thing in this box of goodies.  It's now full of sugar sitting in my kitchen.  So cute!!

Here's the cute little candlestick holder that Jeanne sent me, too.  It's found a home on a table in my living room.

I'm loving this little Limoges type Christmas Heart box.  
Open it up and there's a Christmas tree inside.  So charming.  This will be on my fireplace mantel during the Holidays for sure.

Last but not least, another fabulous treat for Christmas!


An awesome box of Mary Engelbreit ornaments for decorating my tree this year!  It was like an early Christmas this week at my house after the wonderful box from Jeanne arrived.  I'm one grateful girl.  Jeanne, thank you again.

Saturday, August 3

The Black and White Phase

It would appear that I am going through a "Black & White" thing lately.   It's actually more of a Checkerboard  phase.  For this Checkerboard cuff bracelet embellished with an American Artisan handcrafted Cherry lampwork bead, I've used a Brick stitch technique.


Ann Benson from Beads East has an excellent video on YouTube showing the Brick stitch technique.  She does an awesome job showing various beading techniques in a number of videos over there.

Here's a few other new Checkerboard bracelet designs done using a tubular herringbone stitch.

How about a couple of Checkerboard hoop earrings that I've hand wrapped on 2 inch hoops?

Last of all, here's a new Black and White Spiral beaded necklace that I recently completed.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look...

Friday, August 2

Pinterest Followers

I confess...I totally LOVE Pinterest!! It's an excellent tool for me to market my jewelry.  It helps me keep up with trends.  It allows me to see what my clients and friends are interested in. inspires my creativity!!!

I changed my font at