Tuesday, September 23

Lunch with Paddy......

My neighbor, Paddy, and I went for lunch today in South Tampa. I was in need of getting out of the house for awhile today so we went to Pane Rustica for lunch. Link to there website via "Lunch with Paddy....above) .She graciously bought me lunch since I had driven and we both ordered one of the lunch specials "All natural wood fired burger, provolone, buttermilk onion rings, marsala glazed exotic mushrooms, spinach, roasted garlic aioli" Does that not sounds delicious? We were so full neither of us had any room for their yummy desserts. It's the best place and everyone is so friendly there.

After lunch, I took her on a little driving tour of south Tampa along Bayshore Blvd. She's fairly new to town and hasn't ventured too far from our neighborhood but I think as she becomes comfortable with where places are in town that she will venture out some more. We still need to find an authentic Tex-Mex dining experience for her.

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