Sunday, January 11

Low key, lazy weekend.......

I confess to being a couch potato this weekend. Seems like so many friends have been sick with a cold or the flu lately. Makes you want to stay home so that you don't catch something.
I am planning on venturing out with my friend, Anne, to have an early dinner at The Cheesecake Factory at International Plaza here in Tampa. It's been ages since I went there to dine and they have such a variety on their menu. I guess this means I will actually have to get out of my pajamas this's worth it!
I must be on a winning streak here lately. I found out Friday that I had won a $15 ITune card because I responded to a contest with Atlanta's Americasmart.
I'm still waiting to see the Canon PowerShot A1000 camera that I was told that I had won from the Ellen Degeneres show's 12 Days of Giveaways during Christmas.
( name is on the roster of winners on Day 3 but I still haven't heard anymore news since they called to say I was a "winner". Patience is a virtue...right???

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