Sunday, August 2

We chatted with Mary!

My friend Christina and I went over to Orlando to the Craft & Hobby Association show on Saturday. We saw Mary Englebreit's slideshow presentation, she autographed some items for us, we chatted with Mary, and we took pictures. We were very happy "Cherry Chicks" when we left.
After the CHA show we went over to the beautiful Peabody Hotel and had some lunch at the B-Line Diner. Cool place, awesome food, and lovely wait staff.

And THEN.....we had Dessert! So yummy!


  1. Hello Vicki, Just stopping by to take a look at your blog. Love the cat. I have one too. They have a way of getting right in the middle of what you are doing. :)
    Tammy Lorene

  2. Hi Vicki,
    Just stopping by to say Hi!
    BTW, Your cat is precious. I have one too and they just love getting in the middle of what you are doing.Hope your day is great!
    Tammy Lorene


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