Thursday, February 18

Cherry Chick Bling Ring & Skinny Chick Beads.......

Two new Fun things! First, I'm so excited about the arrival of my Cherry Chick Bling Ring. I asked the lampworking Genius, Ms. Heather, from Dragonfly Lampworks if she could make me a bead to fit in a ring that I bought this Christmas. Below is the what she designed! Now I'll be stalking the mailbox waiting for my letter carrier to deliver the package. Many Thanks to sweet Heather!

I'm going to my first network meeting of the local Biz-e-Chicks group tonight and I saw that the brilliant Ms. Heather has just created "skinny chick" beads. I'll be going as the "Cherry Chick" to this network group and I'm thinking these would make up into really, really cute jewelry for the "Chicks" in the group. Way cute!


  1. Hi!
    It's Liz from We're excited to meet you tonight! Love this bracelet! :)

  2. Lol. MY NAME IS MISHELLE i am a shopaholic! ps. bit i get great

  3. LOL...Hi Megan...the bead for my ring should be arriving this week. I'm excited. I totally agree with your take on "The Bachelor" and I love "Cherry Hill Cottage" and "The Crowned Casa", too. Thanks for stopping by...Cherry Chick

  4. Ooh, I'm so glad you found my blog! I signed up as your first follower - us Cherry chicks have to stick together! Beautiful jewelry you have here!

  5. I totally agree, Sue, we have to stick together. I just added the Followers Widget on my site today. Thanks so much for being my first!
    Have a Cherry Week

  6. I would love to see your Armoires Mackenzie inspired...


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