Monday, May 9

M E Monday

Welcome again to Mary Engelbreit Monday. Please join us and post the link to your blog with the related Mary Engelbreit pictures to share with everyone. It can be a ME licensed product or something that was "inspired" by Mary Engelbreit's artwork. It "should" be a photo that you took of something that you own. We're flexible here....let's have fun above all else.
Better late than never I like to say. I was so tired last night when I got home from my Mother's Day dinner I just didn't have the energy to put my post up.  I hope everyone had as wonderful a day as I did on Sunday. I bought these ever so fragrant hyacinths for my sweet neighbor Paddy. I stuck the cute little ME plant stake in with them for that extra touch.  She loved them.

I stopped into Michaels Craft last week after resisting for the last couple of months. They have a whole new "stash" of Mary Engelbreit garden products. I found the cute little sign below that, also, found it's new home at my friend Paddy's house. All the designs were 40% off last week but unfortunately I didn't have ME Monday until today. No doubt they'll go on sale again.
Paddy loved this's so perfect for her.
Now it's your turn....Once you've posted your pictures come back and add your link to the link tool below. Please share the link back to my blog so that everyone can take part in sharing their post and pictures.


  1. Vicki, glad you had a delightful day. ~ sarah

  2. I will be back in the game next Monday! I miss joining in the fun.

  3. What a sweet gift for your neighbor! Christy (toddlermom2001)

  4. Absolutely wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

  5. Aw,What a sweet gift. You're the cherry on top on the bowl Vicki!
    I always get so many compliments on the watch I won in your giveaway
    Hey I just noticed the
    'Pics of My Stuff' Gotta check it out;) Have a Happy Day!

  6. OK, girlfriend....I have my post up and WAITING for you!!!! As if I have any room to talk. PLEASE get me one of those little signs if there are any left and I will pay you for it and the shipping. As you well know, my life is one always n the edge! I cannot get to Michaels with SOL testing these next 2 weeks...and half the time you have stuff in Tampa that I cannot get here. Thanks for the sweet worlds about my flowers. I am really plugging with the photography. It is SO hard. XOXOXO


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