Sunday, June 12

The Big Finale

Like they say "All Good Things Come To An End"! It's been a year now since my fun friend, Genie, from "Buttons for Baga" challenged me to a Mary Engelbreit "dual" of sorts. Who has the most Mary Engelbreit "stuff" was what we have been sharing for this past year. It's been so much fun. I've made so many friends who enjoy Mary's work as much as Genie and I do. We've shared the latest products that Mary's come out with and we've all shown our creativity through the use of her work to decorate our homes and more.  I'm proud to say that my little ole blog has even made it to the list of Mary's favorite blogs on her website. That's been a major honor in this big blogosphere world.
While this won't be my last ever post of things inspired by Mary's delightful illustration and work it will be the last of ME Monday for ME. 
As some of you know I have gone back to the corporate world which leaves me little time to spend being creative. No longer do I get to spend my afternoons keeping up with what's going on in all of my blogger friends world. I miss everyone dearly but unless I win the lotto one day soon I am going to have to go out there and get paid for an honest days work.  I'm enjoying my new career but it leaves me tired at the end of the day and the last thing I feel like doing is hopping on a computer at home.  Perhaps, with time I will learn that work/life balance thing. This is not goodbye but more like I'm taking a break for awhile. Just a few last little things to share with everyone.
I was recently checking out Mary's website shop and came across this most darling little Boyd's Bear that will be available at the end of July.  It's the "Cherry Engelbreit" bear! How cute is that?

Mary, also, has this new "Cherry Square" indoor/outdoor accent rug that I love!  It's available now on her website store along with some other cute designs.

Now it's your turn....Once you've posted your pictures come back and add your link to the link tool below. Please share the link back to my blog so that everyone can take part in sharing their post and pictures.


  1. have been missed and will be missed even more!!!

    Thank you for doing this every Monday..I have so little of her things...but you opened my eyes to the things I had and didn't realize it was her work.

    I have eagerly looked each week at what the friends had in their homes...or what they had created. I have always been so envious of ya'lls talents!!

    Again Thank You for your time..creativity and encouragement to all! We will patiently for you to pop up on our

    Hugs from Texas..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Hey Vicki!
    Long time no talk to! I know EXACTLY what you mean about work cutting into your personal life! LOL! The same has happened to me. I hardly EVER get on the computer anymore. But that doesn't stop me from thinking of my wonderful "blogging friends", such as yourself, as I do often. I hope your job is going great and you have settled in nicely. I will keep an eye out for your jewelry and on your blog. Do give me a shout every now and then so that I know you are doing well. Take good care,

  3. Love sharing ME with someone, even someone far away - and such a great jewelry maker too! I hope you stay in touch, thru facebook and/or email, and let me know what life is doing! Christy F Toddlermom2001 @

  4. I feel a special connection to you because of your ME Mondays. I do understand how difficult it is to blog while working. It's why I am usually here all summer and then disappear when school starts. You have really blessed me and so many others with your ME Mondays. Thank you so much for giving so much of your time for so long.


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