Wednesday, June 12

A Colorful Crocheted Flower Handbag

It's been years since I've crocheted anything of significance.  A few months ago I became charmed by all the brightly colored crocheted flowers that I was seeing on Pinterest.

I poked around the various linking websites for weeks until I found a handbag design that I could adapt to what I was looking for.  Then I found some great black wooden handles at Joanns Crafts.  They're even made by a company called "Everything Mary".

I prefer using 100% cotton yarns.  I've used some of Paton's Grace Yarns and Lion Brands cotton yarns for the flowers.  For the body of the handbag I used Bernat's cotton De Lux yarn in black.

I used some straight pins to figure out where the front would be as I wanted to place the various crocheted flowers and leaves only on the front of the handbag.  A few of the flowers have little polka dot buttons added that I purchased at Michaels crafts in the scrapbook section.

Here's the finished design stuffed nicely so that I could stand it up to take this photograph.

I won't sugar coat it....there are a whole lot of hours in creating this handbag.  But if you work on the flowers a little at a time while watching TV and just collect them up it won't seem so long.
The dimensions on the handbag are 11" wide by 10" tall with a 3" wide base.  The wood handles add another 5".

I've placed this One of a Kind Crocheted Flower Handbag in my store for sale @ $165 bucks here :-) All of the photos will enlarge if you click on them once and then click again for a close up view.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  Please feel free to ask any questions you might have and I'll try to help.


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  1. It's a beauty!!!!! Clever idea!!!!! Years ago I made a "sorta like it" bag for my MIL. It had 4 granny squares on each side with the center raised flower being a different color. The background of the squares, the sides and handles were black. I made it as a gift specifically for her to use when she went out to dinner and such. She loved it!!!!!

    Whoever gets yours will be lucky indeed!!!


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