Saturday, August 3

The Black and White Phase

It would appear that I am going through a "Black & White" thing lately.   It's actually more of a Checkerboard  phase.  For this Checkerboard cuff bracelet embellished with an American Artisan handcrafted Cherry lampwork bead, I've used a Brick stitch technique.


Ann Benson from Beads East has an excellent video on YouTube showing the Brick stitch technique.  She does an awesome job showing various beading techniques in a number of videos over there.

Here's a few other new Checkerboard bracelet designs done using a tubular herringbone stitch.

How about a couple of Checkerboard hoop earrings that I've hand wrapped on 2 inch hoops?

Last of all, here's a new Black and White Spiral beaded necklace that I recently completed.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look...

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  1. I love black and white jewelry and your bracelets are so cute.


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