Friday, May 16

A Blank Canvas...

Kind of yuck, right??   But I see a blank canvas to create with.

The inside is what got me really excited. On Wednesday it seems my son had stopped by my house and dropped this off outside my garage.  He's helping someone move out of state and this cute cabinet is something that didn't make the cut.  I didn't see it until I went out to get in my car to go run errands.  I immediately emailed him and asked if the "cute cabinet" was for me.  He responded "Yes, if you want I figured you could engelbright it up." Despite the misspelling you have to give the man points for knowing "cute" when he sees it not to mention how well he knows me.  

Obviously, it needs some TLC and wood putty is the first thing on my shopping list. I'll probably have to do a little sanding, too.  It does appear to be made of wood.  I've been reading up and there's a primer made by Zinsser that is suppose to work miracles. 
I'm open to suggestions if anyone has experience with finishing furniture easily.
I can't decide if I want to paint it all white again and then add my details. Or maybe paint the front panels black with cherries and then checkerboard to frame the front panels.  
I'm, also, on the hunt for some reasonably priced Mary Engelbreit drawer knobs, too.  Anyone have a pair you want to sell?
I'm thinking it will go into my studio since those shelves look like they would be great for rolls of ribbons or containers of beads.
Any design suggestions would be wonderful...what do you think??

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  1. Hi Vicki! How many knobs do you need? I might have a couple I would be happy to send to you.


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