Thursday, July 31

Crocheted Flower Appliques

Here's something new I've been working onOriginally, I started out with two color choices.  I'm up to six different colors and I'm working on a red one now.  "What" you might be asking do you do with these things???  Even more important "What are they?".
They are frilly little (3.75 inches) hand crocheted cotton Flower appliques with leaves.

Here's how you could use them...

Decorate a handbag/purse
Personalize clothing
Add them to a hat
Add them to a scarf
Use them on a scrapbook page
Create a hair accessory with them
Design a pillow to embellish them with
Create a brooch to wear on a jacket by sewing a pin back on 

Did I miss anything?  I'm open for ideas.  Actually, one of my friends has asked about a scarf made from them...hhmmm...maybe?

Thanks for stopping by... Oh...they're in my Shop :-)


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