Thursday, December 9

Gifts from the Heart...

I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends that I have "met" through blogging. It's like old school neighbors but we don't get to pop in next door to visit.  We can pop over to each others blog and share our more personal thoughts in emails. I'm planning a massive GF Getaway if I should ever when the

Dear Debby over at Cozy Blanket put together a Christmas box/jar swap back in October. I was lucky enough to be paired up with Sarah from over at Hyacinths For The Soul for my first venture into "swapping". I say lucky because Sarah, too, is a fan of Mary Engelbriet AND she loves MacKenzie-Childs stuff as much as I do. We have shared many emails back and forth during this adventure and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know more about her.  This week we exchanged our boxes that we both decided were created "with heart".

Of course, I gasped as I opened the box and then went hunting for my camera. THIS had to be documented so I could share it with you.
The out of the box "Beauty Shot". Would you look at all those Cherry fabrics and that cute red/white check ruffle around the box! She has even finished off the interior edges of the fabric. Amazing!
Sarah made darling little tags for the top of the darling big box.
The lid comes off and the first layer is revealed.....
Sarah's sweet note inside with her fabulous penmanship......
More of layer one revealed...a darling little ME gift box, a cute kitty dish, and a charming checkerboard Santa box.

Inside the checkerboard Santa box are sour Cherry candies and Oh my those little suckers did make my mouth pucker. :-)
Inside the wonderful little "Life...put your Heart into it" box are some Acerola Cherry Green Tea bags. I have not tried them, yet. But I'm sure they will be wonderful. Down another layer was a fabulous fabric book from Mary Engelbreit (Nope...I don't already have one...yeh!) and underneath the kitty dish are some charming cherry ME napkins.
The bottom layer of the sweet box reveals some ME cookie cutters, a cute little Cherry zippered bag, a Cherry magnetic shopping list, a heart shaped tea infuser, and last but not least a heart shaped bottle stopper.
I can tell that every inch of this beautiful box was created with "heart". Everytime I look at it I will think of how sweet Sarah was to make and share it with me. What a wonderful first experience with a swap. Unmeasurable Thank You's go out to Sarah.

I'm sharing my wonderful gift with everyone at "It's A Very Cherry World" today for Rednesday. Please stop by to see what all the the other ladies are showing for their Red.


  1. How absolutely wonderful and meant truly for you! How very sweet Sarah is and how much sweeter you must be to deserve such wonders! Enjoy, enjoy, Vicki!! Yay You!

  2. Oh, Vicki, you are so sweet to share your gift in such a beautiful post. I'm thrilled and touched that you are happy with the box. It truly was made with love. I'm blessed that our paths have crossed here in Blogville. Your friendship is a special one. Thank you for your thoughtful note this morning. I'm happy good things are happening. ;-)
    Hugs to you, sweet friend. ~ Sarah

  3. Wow Vicki,
    this psot was like opening the box myself!!!!! Great job! And are you lucky!!!!! I saw the first photo and knew you had to be giggling! LOL :):)

  4. I love your box from Sarah. I am so glad that the two of you had so much fun with this swap. It was first time hosting a swap.
    Not many signed up for the swap.....hmmmmm.....they missed out didn't they. Thanks for participating and glad your frist experience went so well.

  5. I am screaming with cherry delight!!!!
    Oh Sarah you sure did a great job finding wonderful cherry goodies!

    Smiles, Dolly

  6. What a perfectly wonderful gift.
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us layer by layer. That was exciting.

  7. That is super cool! I wish I was good at this sort of thing - I would love to do the exchange. Ah, well, I enjoyed yours.

    1. Thank you Shelley....this was five years ago though. ;-)


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