Tuesday, December 21

Merry Rednesday

Please join Sue at "It's a Very Cherry World" and all the other ladies who will be sharing their Red for this special Merry Rednesday.
I have just a few more Christmas Reds to share. I love this Christmas mug and I try to drink my hot tea and cocoa out of it everyday in December. It seems to be always hanging upside down on the dish strainer and seldom makes it's way back into the kitchen cabinet.
The picture frame is one that I leave out all year long even though it is a Christmas frame. I just enjoy the colors and the "Be Warm Inside and Out" picture in it.
This is one of the smaller nesting ME boxes with a cute little "Joy" ornament displayed beside it. I love the little checkerboard floor on the ornament.
And finally, a sweet little polar bear ornament that matches the cute box ornament. There's some Red in the hat and the red & white checkerboard count too...right?


  1. Lovin' your reds! They make me feel right at home - in fact, some of those might be in my home!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. You have some neat reds scattered around. Just enough for a perfect Rednesday.

  3. Vicki, it's fun to see more of your ME Christmas. I'd keep that frame out all year too. Sadly some of my ME frames didn't survive years in the classroom. LOL

  4. Wow these are sooooo Delightful Sweetie...
    May our Sweet LORD cover You with blessings while you seek Him in this, His beautiful season.
    Isn't it magnificent knowing He is the Reason for every Season......
    Praying God's Blessings on You not only for Christmas but, all the New Year too!!!~~~Hugs Dena

  5. Nobody does Christmas like ME! The colors are so vibrant, and the sentiments, like Be Warm Inside and Out, are so heartfelt. I bet everything tastes better when you use that mug!
    Merry Christmas and Happy REDnesday!

  6. You didn't post pix of your whole kitchen yet!! JV

  7. I love all of your ME goodies! Sooo cute! I have a little ME calendar on my desk and it has tear off days...that I keep stuffing in a drawer. How could I not keep them?!!


  8. Vicki..I do believe the red on the hat and the border should count!!

    Girl I hope you have a very Merry Christmas
    I will be thinking of you..holler at me if you need anything..okay?!!

    Hugs and lovin..me..Cindy

  9. What cute reds for Christmas!
    Cherry Christmas!

  10. I adore ME! Love all your items. Kit

  11. Aren't you glad that ME loves red so much? Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  12. what delights you have......I love those ME's....I have yet to see evrything they have made (ME!) Merry Christmas to you and yours...Mica


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