Wednesday, March 21

I Baked a Cake

Sunday was my friend Anne's Birthday.  I was a little late but I whipped up this cake for her on Monday and took it over to her when she got home from work.  Just a box mix with some Nutella, my favorite, in between the layers.  She said that she loved it and that it was really moist.  It's only about 6 inches wide and a little taller than that. I put little mini chocolate chips on the top of the cake.

I, also, gave her my favorite candle from Anthropologie. She loves the Aloha Orchid fragrance as much as I do.  It has a really sweet smell if you like that kind of fragrance.


  1. That cake looks delicious! You did a fantastic job frosting it!

  2. What a pretty cake! I'll bet it was delicious.

  3. Holy Canoli! It looks like it came from a bakery! How did you do a "little" cake like that and the frosting on the sides is so are REALLY multi-talented!


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