Saturday, April 7

Some Creative Time

It is such a beautiful morning here in Tampa today. I'm sitting on my front porch enjoying a cup of tea while listening to the birds sing. Life is Good! We had a mini "cold front" come through after a little rain on Thursday and the temperature is just perfect outside. There is just the nicest breeze out to make it all that much better.
A few weeks ago I pulled out the ole Cricut Expressions to try my hand at a card that I have seen pinned on  Pinterest. There is a wonderful video tutorial here if you are interested in seeing exactly how the original was created. You can see that I made it my own using totally different paper and accents.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  1. This is absolutely adorable! I am borrowing a Cricut from a friend, to try it, but will need my daughter's help, it looks so complicated!

  2. can just send that card right to my house! Too cute! I love visiting you's all about the CHERRIES!

  3. I love your card! Now I feel inspired to get my Cricut out of the closet. :)



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