Tuesday, April 24

Time to create...

So I've had a little time here lately to be creative.  I've titled this necklace "Checkered Cherry". Once again, I've crocheted with wire but this time I added little black and white seed beads in to give it that checkerboard appearance.

Here's a close up view of the necklace.

Here's a pair of earrings that I recently created. I'm calling these "Striped Cherries". Think abstract cherries since there aren't any leaves included.  Maybe I'm stretching the "cherry" thing...lol. Lots of ideas...back to the studio for me!
I'm joining Sue over at "It's A Very Cherry World" for Rednesday. Please stop over and see all the Red that everyone has to share.


  1. Its too cute!You are not stretching it I love seeing your creations!

  2. What a great necklace. Just the kind Sue would love. I have not tried the new posting yet, but will do so next week. You will either change or blog will delete you. I do not understand one things about it and will probably give up my blog.

  3. Beautiful! You have such a wonderful talent! I always love your bracelets. One day I vow to buy some of your art!

  4. How cute! Everything you make is pick of the crop!!

  5. Your necklace is lovely! I crochet but have never tried it with wire -- looks great when you do it; I'd probably have a tangled mess!!
    Have a great Rednesday!

  6. Darling jewelry! How are you doing?


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