Friday, November 30

Early Christmas

"What is that?" you say......
A Cherry serving tray, perhaps....a Cherry license tag cover...hmmm???  You would be incorrect on both guesses.

Still not sure??  Here's a hint....see the little hole on the upper left for the speaker or the long hole on the right for the camera and flash?  We know for sure that it's something with a Mary Engelbreit design, right?

Okay....surely by now you've figured it out.  My very sweet and generous friend, Jeanne, just sent me an early Christmas present last night.  Something that I "coveted" but never would have spent the $$ on for myself. A too cute Mary Engelbreit "skin" for my Motorolla Zoom tablet.  I really love it and it's so "me"!!  There's even a downloadable matching wallpaper that makes it that much more Fabulous!  Happy Dance!!  Thank you my friend. ;-)


  1. Do you buy any chance make camera straps for Canon cameras? I adore all of your artwork.
    blessings to you. Lois

    1. Hi mean like a beaded camera strap? I haven't before but that's not to say I can't. What did you have in mind?

  2. The Cherry Chick absolutely needed this! It is so you for sure. ;-)
    Happy Holidays, my friend! ~ Sarah


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