Friday, November 2

No cranberry needed...

Hot out of the oven....
A One of A Kind Turkey Bracelet any women would be "thankful" to have around her wrist during the Fall season. It's been created with 13 American Artisan glass lampwork beads, Swarovski crystals, a Czech pressed glass leaf bead and gold tone spacer beads. The glass lampwork beads are various tones of fall colors with brown and white polka dot lentil shaped beads to the left and right of the focal turkey bead. The turkey has a cute little tail and feet showing on the back of the bead. I've used a toggle clasp with a gold chain extension that will allow you to size this bracelet on your wrist from 7 3/4" to 9". Please pass the rolls...

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  1. Great new designs! I'm so excited for you for all the recent good news.
    Congratulations! ~ Sarah

  2. OMG!!!!! I wish I could have this! But one salary a month makes it are you Miss Vicki? It has been ages, I know....I am so HAPPY for you and your collaboration with THE Mary E!!!!!
    You are so talented! And you come a long way from when you first started this blog....I wish nothing but happiness for you kiddo! :) sandy

  3. So lovely!! You do wonderful work. Kit


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