Wednesday, June 18

Extra Large Cherry Oilcloth Market Tote Bag

Here's the last of my Cherry Oilcloth with the black background.  The Market Totes that I've been making have been a hit but this is the last of the the black background fabric.  I have some with an aqua background that is fabulous so that's what I'll be working with next.
I've made this one a little larger than the previous totes.  

This extra large oilcloth market tote measures 23 inches across the top of the bag, 17 inches high with a gusseted bottom of 6 1/4 inches wide. When the bag stands up and you take in to account the gusset the width at the bottom measures 16 inches side to side. The sturdy red webbing handles are 24 inches in length.

I've been carrying 3 of these shopping tote bags for over a year now and not a trip goes by that someone doesn't comment on my Super Cherry Market Tote bags. They still look fabulous even after a year of hefting around tons of groceries.

Thanks for stopping by and you'll find this Cherry Oilcloth Market Tote available here

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