Wednesday, September 8

Sew What Sharefest

Creative Chicks Parade continues today with "Sew What" Sharefest....
Many years ago I carried a "briefcase". I had been given one out of a different, boring fabric from one of my manufacturers but I always liked the design of it. So I made my own "briefcase" out of Mary Engelbreit fabric. What? You expected something different from me...seriously?
Here's the inside with all the little pockets sewn in to hold my calculator, papers, and pens. I used two over size red zippers around each side so that it would open wide.
Here's a close up "beauty shot" of the
And yet another view so that you can see the black webbing that has held up well for the handle. I never had to worry about anyone having one just like mine. All the photos will enlarge if you want a really close view.

It's hard to believe but this little chest of drawers has been with me for 38 years now. I know this because it was in my son's room when he was a baby and he just turned 38 a few weeks ago. My how time flies. It has been painted red, white, and blue and probably then just white with assorted fabrics covering the drawers. Covering the drawers with ME fabric was the last thing that I have done with it while it sits in my workshop/office. It still makes me smile when I see it.

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  1. Cute chest of drawers! I have those cherry drawer pulls in my laundry/sewing/craft room. Used to have that fabric...made a shower curtain and window valance for our bathroom, but left them behind when we moved 8 years ago. I probably still have some *somewhere*.

  2. Your briefcase puts my old red Vera Bradley one to shame....this one if far cuter. Where do you keep pulling these from? It is amazing just how much of a M.E. collection you have. The color in this post is the best!


  3. Well, hon, you know I'm lovin' what you made. Very creative with your fabric!

  4. Hi Miss Cherry Chick, I'm so glad you linked with me today. I love ME fabric and have used the teacup one to make a quilt for one of my daughters. I adore your briefcase and the fabric covered chest. *hugs* to you.

  5. Congratulations Vicki on you ME blog roll position! It reminds me of a Seinfeld show where his girlfriend's mother made him number 2 on her speed dial! What fun! Thank you for a close up of your dresser. It is just wonderful! Thank you also for all the cherry fun that you share with us! Elizabeth

  6. I like the ME briefcase - but the fabric on the dresser drawers is cool. I am having an ME moment here considering how that might look on the two chests in my bedroom...

  7. Vicki both your briefcase and chest of drawers are so pretty! I love Mary's teacups!


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